Supply Chain Management  Optimization

To optimize international Supply Chain Management (“SCM”) performance, WMC Consulting provides experienced SCM advisory guidance and services to identify operating and compliance improvement opportunities, and execute improvement project management as needed. WMC Consultings SCM Optimization process can include custom combinations of:

 U.S.-based Best Practices assessments of current state SCM process elements:

        Profile and flowchart the three principal SCM flows with suppliers: Transactional information/docs; Physical flows of materials; Financial flows

        Review/Assess Supply Contracts and Transactional T&Cs

        Customized On-Site Audits of Off-Shore Suppliers:

                    Operational, Technical Support and Quality Audits (80+ audit attributes)

                    Social Responsibility Audits (75+ audit attributes)

                    Environmental Audits (70+ audit attributes)

        Review/Assessment of Transactional Documents (compliance and efficiency)

                     PO, Acknowledgements, Order Status Monitoring Reports, Shipping Docs, Import/DHLS Docs, Invoices, Payment Docs

        Improvement Recommendations for Compliance and Performance Gains

        Implementation Project Management (Domestically and Off-shore)