Operational Assessments &
Sell-Side Exit Preparation

Off-shore subsidiaries and supply chains present different challenges compared to U.S.-based operations. Operations of private equity controlled companies can benefit from pre-sale “Sell-side” due diligence and improvement implementation to prepare the company for an exit transaction.

WMC Consulting’s customized Operational Assessment process and tools can include a combination of:

        Best Practices assessment of current-state SCM and operational processes:

               Profile and flowchart the three principal SCM flows: Transactional info and doc flows; Physical material flows; Financial flows

               Review/assess supply contracts and T&Cs

               Customized On-site audits of off-shore subsidiary operations and major suppliers:

                       Operational, Technical Support and Quality Audits (80+ audit attributes)

                       Social Responsibility Audits (75+ audit attributes)

                       Environmental Audits (70+ audit attributes)

                       Review/Assessment of Transactional Docs (compliance and efficiency): 

                                PO, acknowledgements, order status, shipping docs, Import/DHLS docs, invoices, payment docs

       Improvement recommendations for compliance and performance gains for pre-exit implementation

       Implementation Project Management (Domestically and Off-shore)