Buy-Side Supply Chain Due Diligence

Supporting Buy-side acquisition analysis under LOI, WMC Consulting conducts U.S.-based assessments of current-state SCM processes and performs on-site audits of major offshore suppliers, identifying risks, implementable improvements and offering post-close implementation project management.

WMC Consulting’s Customized Buy-Side SCM Process can include combinations of:

       Best Practices assessment of current SCM process practices:

              Profile, Flowchart and Assess the Principal Customer/Supplier SCM Flows: Transactional Docs/Info; Physical Material Flows; Financial Flows

              Review/Assess Supply Contracts and T&Cs

              On-site Supplier Audits:

                            Operational, Technical Support and Quality Audits (80+ audit attributes)

                            Social Responsibility Audits (75+ audit attributes)

                            Environmental Audits (70+ audit attributes)

              Review/Assess Transactional Documents (PO, acknowledgements, order status, shipping docs, import/DHLS docs, invoices, payment docs)

       Improvement Recommendations for Compliance and Performance Gains for Post-Close Implementation

       Post-Close Implementation Project Management (Domestically and Off-shore)