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The Reshoring Myth
Reshoring is an effective tool when it optimizes the technical, financial, and commercial performance of individual operating companies. Whether reshoring will materially impact global supply chain interdependence is a different question.

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The SE Asia Experience Gap
Successful business outcomes in SE Asia and China are dependent on understanding and adjusting to the realities of local business maturity. The #1 mistake Western companies make is assuming the processes in these countries are as mature as in their home countries. Functional management in developing countries generally lags significantly, requiring Western companies to adjust interface processes to optimize the probability of success.

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Supply Chain Reality 2022
As the world emerges from the COVID effects in 2022-23, businesses involved in physical product supply chains – manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, logistics companies – face major challenges that will require creative solutions to reach new business process equilibrium.

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SE Asia and China Supply Chain Reality – The Continuing Opportunity January2022
In 2022, the options Western companies have to find, qualify, and manage cross-border trading initiatives have changed. Routine, foreign business travel has been severely restricted as a tool to develop relationships with suppliers, and operations. A 4-Step disciplined supply chain management process is defined to enabled continued cross-border supply success.

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Solving the Offshore Quality Management Puzzle
Differences in distance, language, culture, time zones, and process maturity complicate managing quality with off-shore suppliers. There are four common mistakes made and solutions to each.

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